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At Bell Lane Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Clinic we provide a wide range of talking therapies. These include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP (reframing,) CBT and Gestalt therapy.



Getting the Right Treatment

Hypnotherapy is the application of various psychotherapeutic techniques whilst the client is in an altered state of awareness. This "trance" state is experienced in everyday life between sleeping and waking and during times of relaxation. Trance is effortlessly achieved in the clinical setting and allows the client to access areas of the subconscious mind  more easily. This enables the techniques to be more effective than they would be when fully alert.
Please contact us if you would like help with:
Panic Attacks
Managing Fear
Recovering from Trauma
Reframing Negative Beliefs
Weight Loss
Improving Self-esteem
Improving Confidence
Improving Performance
Inner Child Work
Past Life Regression
Dream Therapy
Breaking Habits
Working with Children

Lending a Helping Hand


Get the Right Treatment

Psychotherapy is defined as the treatment of  mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means. It is a talking therapy.  At Bell Lane Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Clinic we use various well established techniques for the management of common problems. These problems include:
Managing Fear
Recovering from Trauma
Reframing Negative Beliefs
Breaking Habits

Psychologist Session


Get the Right Treatment

The CBT model recognises that we all have our own unique model of the world which is comprised of parenting, life experience and our genetic make-up.
From this information we develop a set of core beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.
Those core beliefs drive our thought patterns which in turn drive our emotions, which in turn drive our behaviours.
The CBT model is used to identify where these core beliefs are affecting us in a way that no longer serves us and to address them. CBT is very helpful when used in conjunction with other techniques.

Hindu Literature


Get the Right Treatment

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychotherapeutic technique which explores the relationship between language, and patterns of thought and behaviour.
It involves examining how, in earlier life, we have programmed patterns of thought and behaviour which now no  longer serve us and can, in fact, cause problems for us as adults.
These thought patterns usually arise from core beliefs which are established in childhood.
With NLP techniques, core beliefs can be reframed using positive language which is more appropriate for who we are now.
NLP is very useful in conjunction with other techniques, especially hypnotherapy.



Get the Right Treatment

Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapeutic technique which emphasises personal responsibility for all components of a situation. It allows the client to become every component of their troubling situation broadening perspective and enabling them to process events in a healthy way.
It is particularly useful in unresolved situations where the client has become "stuck" and unable to move forward.
It can also be very useful in personal dream interpretation.



Patient-Centered Treatment

We are committed to providing exactly the right amount of follow-up to your initial assessment and treatment. This will include provision of an appropriate number of follow-up treatment sessions, continuous assessment during follow-up, provision of home exercises, practical advice and making ourselves available for questions.

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