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At Bell Lane Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Clinic we are skilled in Shamanic Healing, Reiki, and Hopi Ear Candling



Therapeutic Healing

Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest methods of healing. It is not connected to one particular spiritual group or path. Evidence of its use is found throughout history and all over the world.
It is a practice. 
Like Reiki it is energy medicine.
Shamanic Practice is all about our connection to the universe and everything it consists of.
Shamanic tools come from natural sources.
If this speaks to you please get in touch to book an appointment or for a free telephone consultation.

Reiki Treatment


Therapeutic Healing

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy or "hold space" for a patient allowing activation of a their own natural healing processes which, in turn, restore physical and emotional wellbeing.
It is regularly used in conjunction with other therapies offered at Bell Lane Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Clinic.



Therapeutic Treatment

The Hopi Nation are renowned for their extensive healing skills. Ear candles were original used in Hopi medicine to purify a person's aura - the energetic field around the body. They were used as a way of bringing energy into balance and for both healing and initiation.
The client lies in a relaxed position on one side and a hollow candle is placed at the entrance to the ear. As the candle burns a feeling of warm relaxation and wellbeing is usually reported. It is not surprising that he use of Hopi ear candles in the west has become associated with cleansing the ears. This is a very pleasant treatment which promotes a feeling of purification and wellbeing.



Patient-Centered Treatment

We are committed to providing exactly the right amount of follow-up to your initial assessment and treatment. This will include provision of an appropriate number of follow-up treatment sessions, continuous assessment during follow-up, provision of home exercises, practical advice and making ourselves available for questions.

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