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A Complete Resilience Manual

How to Rise - A Complete Resilience Manual is written by Bell Lane Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Clinic's Chrissie Mowbray and Doncaster GP Dr Karen Forshaw with foreword by TV GP DR Amir Khan. With over 45 years combined clinical experience, Chrissie and Karen have collected a host of practical tools and techniques for improving mental wellbeing that really work. The book explains how we become 'who we are' and why certain things affect us more than others. It offers deep insights into various psychological concepts and shows how they can be applied in every day life. It teaches an essential set of core skills for building resilience such as breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, language skills and mindset shaping. By filling in their unique Resilience Gap Analysis you will be able to map any areas of need directly to over 60 accessible tools and build your own specific tool kit. This is a must for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious, low in self-esteem or simply wishes to improve their own mental health. Buy it here.

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